Thursday, March 29, 2018

Teaching at all Levels

I recently discovered a series by Wired called “Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty”. It has experts from a wide range of fields explain a topic from their field, one on one, to 5 people of different skill levels, children to Ph.D.’s.

Beyond the raw information, it also displays approaches that experts take to teach their topics at each level. With the children and teens the expert focuses on teaching one or two basic concepts to excite them about the field; they set their expectations on giving one or two simple realizations. As the level of the person engaged with the expert increases, you see the conversation turn into, first a lecture on the basics of the field, and then a discussion on different topics in the field. Also, each expert spends time feeling out their audience with questions as they progress in their discussion. In addition, they and are visibly excited and visually engaged with their audience when they speak to them.

Definitely, a nice series to casually expose yourself to new topics and glean some insights on how to make your knowledge accessible to others.

Here is a sample of ones I liked!


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